Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not So Smooth.

Yep, yesterday was a gym morning.  It's still fresh so I don't mind it much.  When I have a bit over an hour it works well.
I should learn to never allow the forecast to dictate my rides.  By 5 pm it was to be raining pretty hard, but nope.  I'd hoped to get 3 hours on the gravel but opted out for fear of rain.  I did bump over to the North Loop around 7 for a full lap (Twisted Sister included) plus a half.  With mountain biking sometimes you're on and sometimes you're bouncing off trees.  I wasn't smooth last night!  Never crashed but just couldn't get my groove on.  Nonetheless it was still fun and I as stoked to be out.

Well it is raining now but I still plan on some gravel time after I get Avery to school.  Soft gravel means the Fargo is getting the call up.  It's in need of a good cleaning, new chain, and cables so rain and gravel are just fine.  That being said, riding in the rain at night is way different than during day light!


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