Monday, September 01, 2014

One Ride.

Sometimes it takes one ride to get you back on track mentally and physically.  For me that ride was yesterday.  The alarm went off around 4:30 and I was out on the road bike by 5:20.  Yes, it's a wee bit dark out at that hour!  I love my lights.
The ride itself was nothing special: down county road 8 to CR 16.  I took that all the way out to the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge.  Found a road that cut through the refuge.  And started my way home.  Ended with 70 miles in good time.  The wind helped, but the legs and lungs were humming too.  All was good.

What I had planned for the rest of this week is a bit up in the air.  Our dog, Zoe, has taken a turn for the worse.  She's pushing 14 years.  That's pretty old for a big dog, Shepard/Malamute mix.  Her back legs/hips have progressively gotten worse.  Friday night they all but stopped working.  We have to carry her outside to use the bathroom.  When she squats we have to help hold her up.  Essentially she can't move on her own anymore.  She's stopped eating well for awhile now.  Never an easy choice but this may be the week.  Ugh.

Happy Labor Day.
Let Summer be over and the best season ever start...Fall!

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