Friday, September 05, 2014

Plans Change and Racing Still Goes On.

Man I don't understand why Thursday mornings (10-12) are chaos at the shop?!  It sends my stress level through the roof.  It's always fine...I just need to chill out!  Yesterday was the same but we survived and all is groovy.  I had the rest of the day off.  Now that school is back on I would usually ride but with the Inspiration on Saturday I took yesterday off, minus some gym time stuff.
I did pack for the race, ready the bike, laminate cue cards, and clean a bit.  Ready to roll!

The family was coming to the race but last minute last night we found out many other wife's and kids were not coming.  Jen and the girls decided on their plan B then...Little Falls Art Fair.  So instead of leaving tonight I'm heading up race morning with some other riders.  Still excited.

Happy Weekend.

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