Wednesday, September 03, 2014

School Day!

Yep...summer is over, not officially till the end of September but for reality it is.  The shop was open yesterday but with abbreviated hours, 10-2.  We changed so many flats yesterday it was ridiculous!  Actually it was a fun day to work.  Plus I had the afternoon to hang with the family and ready ourselves for the week ahead.  So yep, a good Monday.  I even got a short ride in, if my ride to and from work counts!

Today we call the vet and see about Zoe and the dreaded deed.  I was ok with it but as it approaches I question it.  Ugh, not easy.
I want to ride tonight but I'm not making any plans, just not sure how I will feel.

In other news I'm super excited for the Inspiration this Saturday.  I have no idea how I will feel or what will happen other than having a great time with great people.  Plus the weather is looking primo!

Let's get this week rolling.


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