Friday, September 12, 2014

Warner Lake.

Yep, yesterday was my birthday...39 years old!  It was also my short day at work, till noon.  After work I made my way out to Warner Lake to meet up with Tom.  He showed me his ideas for this months Metal Cross.  As suspected I'm currently not in any kind of cx shape.  Meaning, it's going to hurt!  He also took me around the entire park, something I haven't really done before.  It was surprisingly bigger than I thought.  After an hour or so Tom had to leave.  I took to the road and gravel for a bit (just a little loop) then back into Warner for some laps around the lake.  I got a solid two hours in of different riding.  It felt good.

Of course we had to go out to eat so I chose Mongo's, and because of it's proximity to Cherry Berry we topped the night off there!  It was a great day!  Thanks everyone.

Potential frost tomorrow morning!  Crazy.  I work plus Jen and the two older girls are doing the color run in the morning so tomorrow may be an off day.  We'll see how things lay out.

Happy Weekend.

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