Monday, September 08, 2014

Weekends Off are Real Nice.

A pretty fine weekend was had.  Inspiration 100 gravel race (report coming soon) on Saturday and a chill Sunday (apple orchard, garden picking and preserving, grocery shopping, lawn mowing)...all encompassed in spectacular weather.  Yep, it was good, real good.

I would have liked to get a 2 hour recovery ride in but sometimes there just ins't time or a need.  Cause we all know 2 hours riding is really 4 hours of the day, then's night time!  The gym this morning and if my motivation allows a night mtb ride after the kids are in bed.

I was really hoping to hit up Warner Lake this Tuesday too for some hot laps, etc but "stuff" just keeps popping up and piling on the already big list of things to do.  Mostly kid stuff: gymnastics and a last minute meeting at Brinna's school.  And so it goes...

Happy Monday.

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