Monday, September 15, 2014

Zoom, Zip, Zap...Monday.

A pretty good weekend was had.
Friday I worked at noon so I got the obligatory ride in prior!  Yep, 3 hours.  Seems to be the trend once school starts.
I worked Saturday too, plus Jen and the older girls did the color run so I was on Harper duty.  Thus I was out the door for a 45 minute run in the dark.  I'm not a runner anymore and I'm still stiff and tight!

Sunday I was off and had a jam packed day.  Jen signed us up for a scavenger hunt hosted by a local jeweler.  Top prize was a $10,000 ring.  This started in the later morning so I was once again up and out the door riding before sunup.  Just a bit over 3 hours.  It really was a great morning for a ride.  It's the "getting up" part that sucks.
I did not want to do the scavenger hunt but will have to admit it was super fun.  You get a clue that tells you where you need to go.  Once there you have a puzzle of sorts to figure out to get your next clue.  All this was done on bikes for 1.5 hours.  They had us biking all over!  No ring but 6th place out of 70 or so teams.  Not bad for some rookies.

Later that day we made pesto.  That always takes way longer than anticipated but mid winter it's worth it.  Then we cooked a great meal: salmon, kale, and potatoes.  Once all cleaned up it was time to get the kids ready for bed.
Wishing Monday was a day off!

But nope, it's race week.  MMCC and Revolution are hosting the Single Track Escape this Saturday.  Trail work 5:30 at the North Loop on Thursday and course setup 1:00 pm on Friday.  Please join in if you can.


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