Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Mountain Biking.

I had planned on a 3 hour road ride before work at noon yesterday but the winds were already whipping and my lower back, for whatever reason, was pretty tight from the previous nights ride doing just that...a 3 hour road ride into the wind.  Mountain biking it was!

It's about this time of year I wish we had more or longer trails.  Getting a bit burnt on the North Loop but still fun.  I've been hitting up the forgotten Twisted Sister section more frequently lately.  It has slowly become my favorite section.  It may be sad but I get pretty stoked when I can ride that entire sections without a dab or tree grab.  That's becoming more and more common!

I only biked for an hour and a half.  Harper was home, with what we assume is a broken big toe.  She was bumming as a 2 year old does.  I wanted to hang with her some before I had to go into work.
Daycare is closed the next two days so these have become my off days, work the weekend.  Harper and I.  Dr. appointment today for her toe and a flu shot.  Lucky her.
My dad has offered to watch Harper Friday some so I can get a ride in.  Fat Bike on gravel time!


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