Friday, October 03, 2014

Fat Bike Adventure...go do it!

After a 5 month hiatus I finally broke the fat bike (Salsa Ti Mukluk) out.  I had yesterday off so I hoped to get some good time in.  However rain was predicted and I didn't want to get stuck in it.  If I went by the weather guys that gave me 3 hours, 4 if I was lucky.  But dang if I wasn't having so much fun!

A fat bike on gravel is not fast but so smooth!  I kept searching out rougher, sandier roads.  I knew Morrison County had lots of MMR (Minimum Maintenance Roads) but would take some time to get there.  Screw it, I'm all in.  Glad I did, again it was a blast.

About 3.5 hours in it started to sprinkle then eventually rain.  Oh well, I pulled over and swapped out my vest for my rain jacket and continued on.
Made it home with 5 hours and 75 miles...and yep, I was wet.
I hope to get out once a week on the fat bike to get ready for some long hours this winter.  And tomorrow will start to feel like winter with 36 degrees in the morning!

I'm racing Baker's Orchard CX in WI (near Taylors Falls) this Saturday.  It will be about a 40 degree swing from racing last weekend!

Bring it.

Happy Weekend.

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