Thursday, October 02, 2014


Maybe the biking gods were trying to tell me something yesterday...maybe the road season is over.  I got three flats on my ride...three flats!
The first happened about 10 miles down county road 8.  No problem, stopped and changed it out quick.  Back on the bike and out of the saddle I noticed the front seemed low.  Nah, just soft.  By the time I was at the end of county road 8 it was pretty damn low.  I had another tube and patches but stopped at Brian's house on the off chance he was home.  Awesome.  Scored a tube and some duct tape...thanks man!
About an hour later, going around Briggs Lake, in the rain...pfffffftttt.  Yep, another flat.  Last tube!  The pressure was on now.  I made it home just fine but damn, three flats.  Total buzz kill, not to mention time...but nonetheless I got 2.5 hours in.  And yep, it was still fun.  Plus it forced me to clean my bike and put on some new tread.  It's like a new bike again!

I have off today and really hope to jump on the fat bike for the first time in 5 months.  It's time.  But rain is predicted, and unlike most fat bikes, I really baby mine.  It's got nice (expensive) stuff on it and usually only sees white snow.  I'm sure I'll go and just deal with it, but if I get three flats on this I quit!
It's not the smartest thing to put in some hours on a fat bike a couple days before a race but I never claimed to be smart...just ride, right?!


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