Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Green Acres is the Place To Be.

This past weekend was GreenAcres CX.  I've heard a lot of good things about this race and was excited to finally take part.  Saturday I headed down shortly before 9.  Once base camp was setup I got ready to get my warm up on.  Sitting on the start line it was obvious this was a much bigger field than other races I've done!  Once the women, then the 45/55+ men were off it was our, SSers, time to go.

I was able to clip in and go right away but I was missing that extra push and fell back.  All through out the first lap I struggled to maintain my position but was still passed by some, guessing I was 10th.  During the 2nd and 3rd laps I finally started to warm up and find my groove.  I slowly started to work my way up the single speed field as well as the other fields.  There was a pretty steep climb that I was able to make up some ground on but man did that jack the heart rate!  I was starting to catch glimpses of Monte and the guy right behind him.  I never caught them and ended up 4th on the day...again.  Of course there are the would've, should've, and could've but I was gassed and did what I could.  I do learn every race so when I'm 50 I may know what I'm doing!

I stuck around the rest of the day and cheered on the other racers and just hung out in the cross atmosphere.  Somewhat last minute we tossed together a relay team that was starting at 4:15.  We had a solid team, as such other teams had as much as a two minute lead on us.  This was my first cx relay and was an absolute blast.  One lap as hard as you can go!  My team ended up taking the win so a medal was procured anyway!

I finally made it back to cloud sometime after 6:30.  Long, fun day.  That night and early the next morning I struggled with what to do.  In the end I decided to skip racing and stay home.  We got a lot of yard work type stuff done.  Yeah racing is way more fun but all my free time, on weekends, has been spent racing.  It was time to play catch up before winter.

GreenAcres rocked.

FYI: I'm out for TNL,  we have a work meeting tonight.

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