Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just One of Those Days.

Yesterday started out with me most likely breaking my little toe.  Black-n-blue, puffy, and tender to the touch...awesome.  Then it was off to the gym.  Was planning on a leg day but with the foot all messed up I switched it up.
Work was fine.  Then it was standing in line for 2 hours with Brinna at her conferences.  Yep, she's doing awesome.  Then it was to my folks to get the kids and make for home.  I'm pretty sure I'd really suck at being a single parent, especially with a 2 year old running around...and yes she's running with her cast on.  That slowed her for a day.
With the kids having off today and yesterday routine has been out the door.  This gets me down and frustrated...just who I am.  So no time for the gym this morning and not sure about TNL tonight...did it rain too much?  Ugh.
But then I take a step back and realize if this all I have wrong in my life I'm pretty lucky.
One day at a time...
Such a weirdo!

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