Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Candy and More Mountain Biking.

TNL didn't happen, at least by me.  My time was spent eating ice cream with the kids to celebrate a great first semester at school and finalizing Halloween costumes.
Wednesday I did get out for a mountain bike ride, but this time I took the fat bike.  Did a lap at the North Loop and then made my way across highway 10 to Sand Prairie.  Not sure why as it's pretty drab down there but I like spinning through there this time of year.  Just wish it was a bit longer.  Back up the hill for one more lap at the Loop and back home with 2 hour in.
Man I need to stop hurting myself!  My pinkie toe still really hurts and half the foot is now black and blue.  I also clipped a tree on my ride (the fat bike bars are WIDE with barends) and slammed my knee and shoulder into the ground.  The shoulder is a bit sore this morning.  Crashing when it's cold always hurts more.

So excited for today.  Mike and I are delivering a spin bike down to the cities to a customer/friend.  We then plan on hitting up some trails that we haven't ridden before!  Lebanon Hills, Murphy, and if time allows Elm Creek (I've ridden but Mike hasn't).  Can't wait and yes keep the rubber side down...I know, I know!

Happy Thursday....pass the candy...going candy free November 1st.


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