Monday, October 27, 2014


Last Thursday and Friday I was home with Harper as daycare was on vacation.  Thursday was spent running Harper to the Dr. to check out her big toe she smashed Tuesday night.  Turns out it was broken and they wanted us to see an Orthopedic Surgeon.  Later that day it was back to the Dr., yep still broken and she got a cast as if she broke her ankle.  Good news it may already come off this Friday.  But she's two, it really hasn't slowed her down much.  Last night, however, she complained of mosquitoes in her cast!  Must itch.
Friday my dad had offered to watch Harper.  This allowed me to get out on the Fat Bike.  I ended up doing most of Dirt Bag V.1, 85 miles.  I got my first flat on the Fat Bike that I had to fix on the road.  Only 15 minutes so not too bad.  Lots of strokes with the hand pump.
I was super happy with how I felt.  I haven't been doing a lot of longer rides due to cross and life.  So to feel as I did I was stoked and ready for more.

Saturday I worked and time and life again didn't allow for a ride.  Sunday I worked also but was able to sneak out before for almost 3 hours.  Man did I freeze my hands!  Let the leaning curve begin.

This week is messed up already.  The big kids don't have school Monday and Tuesday plus Halloween so riding is up in the air.

Tuesday Night Lights is back on this week!
7:30 pm at the North Loop.


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