Wednesday, October 15, 2014


While still fun, I was mountain biking after all, some nights I'm just off.  Last night was TNL at the North Loop.  My solo lap was fun and fast.  I hit up every section of trail, Twisted Sister included, and rode it all well.  But as the light slipped away seemingly so did my skill and energy.  The hardest I ever bonk is usually on a mountain bike, mostly because it requires more focus and more of your body.

During the second half of the first group lap I felt myself fading.  Anytime I looked to see if we were all together I rode into the woods.  I started to clipped trees with my shoulders and even crashed a couple of times.  Finally at the end of the lap I downed some energy stuff and felt myself spring back.  Always amazed how fast a gooey mess of sugar can spike the energy levels so quickly.  I was good for the lap but anything more and I would have had the sugar crash requiring more gels.

Another good group of riders: Jeff B. (Cadillac Jeff), Bill L, Fitzharris Mike, Mark H., Brian I., myself.  Double digits still allude us.

Taking an easy to off day today.  Sometime tomorrow I hope for a 2-3 hour road ride, most likely in the dark of morning.  Then it's time for Green Acres CX!  This will most likely be my last CX until Velo CX November 8-9th.  Then that's it.  Ski Swap's and our Team day at the shop start up and life just get's too busy.  Plus I'll need to start putting on the Fat Bike miles at that point too.


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