Monday, November 17, 2014

A New Week.

Wow...last week was a blur.  Snow, school closing, late starts, crazy skis sales, Team Day at the shop, and two ski swaps made for a busy, fast week.  Not much time was carved out for exercise.  When that happens, for me, I tend to toss my healthy eating out the window as well.  On to a new week today!

Even while I was up at 4:40 (racing mind for the week ahead and recouping from the crazy week at the shop) I opted out of riding the trainer.  It wasn't really on my radar but if I was up why not?  I really want to let my toe heal up.  Tight shoes hurt so more time.  I hope to ski soon too, just haven't attempted putting on a ski boot yet.  My oversized winter riding shoes are pefect.
Gym day today and tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get a group together to snowshoe Plum Creek this Tuesday, maybe around 6:30.
Thursday I'm hoping for another big day on the fat bike.  Saturday, maybe the same, not sure.  Sunday is another ski swap.

Happy Monday.

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