Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All Set...I Hope.

Last night 6 of us set out on snowshoes to pack in Plum Creek for biking.  Dan took up the rear dragging a tire.  If it rides like it looks it's going to be so fun!  It's an abbreviated course as the city flooded a section before it snowed and froze.  Doing the section we did took an hour.  Our hope is to possibly make this a regular Tuesday night event.  It's something different and it hopefully keeps the trail ready for fat bikes.  The issue is several people hike it as well, without snowshoes.  Maybe we'll get lucky this year.

I work at noon today so the fat bike and I are going to check out our work and see if it's had time to set up and how it rides.  Tomorrow I'm off and hope to once again put in some solid saddle time.  Bummed the wind is out of the same direction.  May have to switch up the routes some.


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