Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fat Week.

I've already decided this will be my fat week!  That way I'm expecting it and I won't be a Grumpy Gus about it.  Yesterday, my gym day, I went into work to figure out some computer issues instead. This is much easier in the morning so after getting Avery to school at 7:20 I went into work.  That afternoon Jen and I went to Luther Honda to look at a new van.  3+ hours later we left.  Holy Shit that was ridiculous.  Everyone was nice but there was no need for that kind of time suck.  Needless so say we didn't have dinner till 8:45...Arby's.  A shit meal on the go!

Today I will hit the gym before work and hopefully hard.  You know, the whole hour or so I get.  Wednesday Jen has a morning meeting so I'm on kid detail for all three.  I may get some gym time in, I may not.
Thursday I'm biking to Jen's folks.  Only 75 miles but on the fat bike that's about 5 hours.  Then it's Turkey Time!


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