Monday, November 03, 2014

Getting It When I can.

Friday was a bit of trick getting everyone to school, daycare, and school.  Jen had an early morning meeting so I was up.  This put be late to the gym.  I could've gone later into work but I was already leaving early to take Harper in for her toe check up...2 more weeks in a cast.  So it was a quick session on the elliptical, some stretching, and the showers.
That night I ate lots of candy!

Saturday I worked.  Back to the gym.  Did a leg day.  My legs are still feeling it.  Only thing I was unable to do with my pinkie toe were lunges.  I sit funny right now.

Sunday I was up early (taking advantage to the time change) as out the door on the fat bike.  Bummed the wind didn't take a rest.  At 6:30 it was already gusting to 15mph.
I had toyed with the idea of taking parts of Dirt Bag I to Monticello, doing a lap, and heading home.  But as I made my way I realized that would put me way out of my time range.  The "I should have gotten up earlier" voices started to chime in.  I was so close.  As it was I got almost 5.5 hours in.  Riding at Monticello would have put me closer to time.
Once home Jen, the girls, and I tackled the leaves in the back yard.  About 15 bags later we were finished.  Mowed it too, ready for snow.  Well I need to redo the front yard yet, stupid leaves.

Finished up 50 minutes on the trainer this morning.  Between lifting and fat biking the legs needed some spinning.

TNL is on for tomorrow!  7:30 at the North Loop.


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