Friday, November 14, 2014

Got My Ride In.

While I'm officially writing this week off I did get a great ride in yesterday.  Around 8:30 I headed out on my Salsa Ti Mukluk.  At the last minute I decided to put the studded tires on.  So glad I did.  90% of the roads I covered were either ice or compact snow.  Not a slip from me...awesome!

About 20 minutes in I was bumming.  My toe was hurting and the wind (much windier than I thought) was kicking my butt.  I started playing the games of cutting the ride short, etc.  Screw that, it was my time to ride, ride damn it!  I pushed on.
My direction was east, north, and northwest before I turned for home.  I stopped in Buchman for some coffee and a dried out turkey sandwich.

I finished with 6.5 hours (shy of my 7 hour goal, but with stops I was out there all of 7 hours) and 80+ miles, yep slow going.  I felt great.  Just needed to push through the initial 1-2 hour blah time.  The toe today feels ok too.  I had thought about and planned to ride the rollers this morning but shoving my foot in narrow shoes sucks.  I'll wait.

We have a ski swap Saturday and Sunday to attend for work plus our biggest ski event at the shop on Saturday.  Not much more going to happen this week.
On to next week...

Happy Weekend.

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