Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Lovin on the TNL.

With darkness coming sooner I find myself gearing up for TNL earlier each night.  Last night I was out riding by 5:45 or so, ligths on!
I knew Jim and Matt were riding early so I rode backwards to meet up with them.  At the meeting point I turned around and headed back.  We rode another complete loop with Charlie meeting us somewhere in the middle.  Since we were doing Twisted Sister our loop times were longer.  We got out around 7:15 or so.  We hung out to see if anyone showed for TNL.  Jeff rolled in and we were now 5 strong and out rolling again.  At the end of the loop some split and Jeff and I did another small lap.

I was riding my Mukluk.  This was really the first time I've taken this on a true mountain bike ride with any kind of speed.  Man was it fun.  I forget, each year, how much fun fat bikes are on regular mtb trails.  Especially in Twisted just rocks in there!

Ended with 2.5 hours.  My legs are a bit tired and rain is foretasted this morning.  I'm still up in the air as to what I'm going to do this morning, I work at noon.  May just head south on the single speed Surly Cross Check adorned with fenders...just cause.  Or some basement time.  All just to spin.

Thursday I work till noon and would love to put on some hours but with Velo CX this weekend I'm guessing I shouldn't.  Finalize the leaf collection and clear the gutters seems to be on tap.


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