Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not As Planned but Fun...

Well riding Plum Creek was a bust.  The snow was pretty dry and cold when we hit it with snowshoes but I was optimistic about the snow setting up.  Within the first 5 feet yesterday I knew it wasn't good.  I pushed on but really only wrecked the trail.  I eventually bailed and cruised around on the Beaver Island Trails.  My planned 2-2.5 hour ride turned into 1.5 hours.  I figure it was way more fun than the trainer so I was happy.  Plus Harper was at home with Grandma so I got some block building time in too.

Today is an off day from work so out I go for another Thursday of fat biking.  Once again the wind is NW.  I think I may go more west this time and have a different point I come back into the St. Cloud area.  Just to break it up a bit.  Maybe Milaca for lunch?!


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