Monday, November 10, 2014

Velo CX...not as planned.

35 degress and a NW wind gusting to 20 mph and I was jacked for some cx racing.  Off the start I hit the hole shot in 5th place.  I was cool with that, thinking I could work my way up.  I was really hoping for a podium.  The start was different than all the other races in that the single speeders started 30 seconds behind the women.  We hit traffic half way through the first lap.  While the course was fun it had a lot of turns and tight sections, making passing hard.  I already suck at passing so I was hanging on in no mans land.  About 3 laps in I was clear of race traffic and able to race.  That being said the riders in front of me had the same issues so they just handle it way better then me!
I was able to move from 5th to 4th and if the race was an hour long I feel I would have given 3rd place a run too.  But 4th on the day, once again.

While I had fun my broken pinkie toe did not.  I was limping pretty good the rest of the day.  I waited till the next morning but decided to bag racing on Sunday.  Putting on a regular running shoe hurt so I can only imagine a riding shoe.

In other news school was canceled today!  Snow Storm!!!  First day of Nordic Ski Practice and it's canceled due to cool is that?!
So I'm lamenting as what to do: let my toe heal a bit more or screw it and bop around on the fat bike?  With the toe I was able to put in a lot of riding, almost all pain free.  I just think the on and off of cx and the shoes I was wearing really aggravated the toe.
Maybe I'll just shovel...

FYI: I love fat biking and would love the North Loop to be open to bikes but once the ski trail is groomed it's closed to bikes.  So please, No Biking at the North Loop.

Happy Snow Day!

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