Monday, December 15, 2014

A Good Week of Riding!

As expected I opted to sleep in a bit more on Saturday.  I did eventually get up and ride the rollers for about an hour.  Enough to make me feel like I did something.  Still nursing this dang head cold.

Sunday I hoped to get out early but the thick fog kept pushing back my start time.  With no signs of improvements I headed out into the fog around 9:30.  I had lights and neon galore!  I attempted to ride some gravel but it was more like spring after the frost has come out, super sloppy!  Even with full coverage fenders I and my bike were getting pretty dirty.  But the damage was done so I slogged on anyway.
I ran into Jim and Noah heading out.  I spun around and rode with them some too.  I ended with 4.5 hours of riding.

I ended the week with 14 hours of riding plus gym time.  I'm feeling pretty good on the bike and liking the riding I am getting in.  I hope to up the hours this week.  Our family has a busy week with school performances, work, and general life.  I'll fit it in where I can!


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