Friday, December 19, 2014

A Little Fat Ride.

I survived!  I had a couple of goals: 8 hours and no food/rest stops.  I achieved both. 
The plan was to head up to the Soo Line Trail, ride that to the Wobegon, and go from there as time allowed.  I tend to forget the speed of a fat bike and the distance to the Soo Line.  It took me almost 4 hours to get there.  Nonetheless I made first tracks on about 2-3" of snow.  Crazy how that brought my speed down a couple notches.  From where I got on to the trail, East of Pierz, to the Hwy 10 crossing took me 1.5 hours.  I started to make my way onto the Wobegon but quickly figured I better head south to keep my time line.

Essentially Royalton to home were a test of my mental strength, I was struggling.  My new, favorite saddle was about to get chucked into the woods, I could maintain 11 mph, my right ankle (which hasn't hurt in years) was really sore, and the roads were a sloppy mess.  But on I pushed.  At every landmark or mile marker I knew from summer riding made me that much closer to home.  In hind site I should have crossed 10 again and taken gravel roads to be more sheltered and just more enjoyable.

I made it home in 8.5 hours, still not 100 miles...a few short.  Only stopped 4 or 5 times to pee, so essentially on 10 minutes of stopped time.  I nailed my food and water.  
I feel good today.  Just finished an hour on the rollers and that felt good too.
I had originally thought of night ride tonight but with the Holidays looming and it being Jen's Birthday we have a lot to do!  Maybe early tomorrow morning.

Maybe more snow on the way too?!!

Happy Weekend.

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