Monday, December 22, 2014

A Solid Week.

Since we were celebrating Christmas at my folks out on Saturday my riding needed to happen early.  I was happy I was awake and ready to get up before the alarm went off.  I was out the door a bit before 6.

Friday afternoon I started to get the bike ready I wanted to ride, Surly Cross Check Single Speed.  But I noticed the BB didn't spin nor did the rear hub much.  Great.  After dinner out for Jen's Birthday and some more Christmas shopping I dug around in the basement and found a new Race Face BB!  I tossed that in and messed with the rear hub.  While the hub still needs new bearing it was moving much better.

I was super glad I spent the time getting that bike up and running.  The warm temps had the roads in a sloppy mess, already at 6 am.  Once again I did parts of the Dirt Bag route.  There are so many variations of this that I have yet to tire of it.  I'm sure it will come.  My goal was four hours and that is exactly what I got.

I was happy with how I felt on Saturday but I could tell the legs were a bit heavy.  I went back and forth about riding on Sunday before work but hanging with the kids and making eggs won out.  That and 9 hours of sleep!  Originally I said I was hoping for 20 hours but I got 17 plus 3 gym days.  I'll take it.

This week will be pretty hard to get longer rides in.  No plans have been made as if they don't happen I'll mope about!  I'll ride when I can.

Looks like the snow will be just missing us due to warm temps...still raining.
Come on!


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