Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Back Track.

I didn't realize what a blur last week was until I saw I only posted once.  I tend to get in a funk and post less but at least a couple of times.  So today you get a little recap.

Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) I was out the door, on the fat bike, by 7:40, heading to Coon Rapids.  While the start temp was -9, there was not wind and the sun was out, making it comfortable.  I've biked this route a few times but always in the summer.  It went pretty well.  Once I hit highway 47 I encountered more traffic than I anticipated.  This made it a bit hectic but still fine.  I made it to Coon Rapids in about 5 hours.  I was ready for some Turkey.

Saturday we were still in Coon Rapids.  Before the temperature got too warm I hit up Elm Creek for a lap.  I always have so much fun there.  Such a great course in the summer and winter.  A lap took me about an hour and 15 minutes.

Early Sunday we made our way home so I could get to work by noon.
Not a bad holiday.
Now onto Christmas and all it's chaos.

Gym day yesterday and today.  Maybe the rollers a bit tonight as well.  Tomorrow the plan is to get out on the fat bike for a bit before work.
I could use some more snow!


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