Friday, December 26, 2014

Can I Get a Do Over?

Being sick Christmas kind of blows.  I'd actually just like to rewind and start the week over!  The good news is I think it (the sickness) peaked yesterday.  The bad news is it was Christmas yesterday.  I spent much of the day on couches in and out of sleep.  Jen too was feeling a bit run down yesterday.  Bummed for the kids we weren't all chipper on Christmas.  Huge thanks to Jen and the girls for allowing me to be down and out.

At the start I was bumming about not riding, etc for the upcoming Tuscobia....blah, blah, blah.  Whatever, I'm over that!  I'm excited for the race and will tackle it with what I can.  What's done is done.  Anymore cliches I should use?!  I do have to modifications, etc that I had wanted to do but with time running out I'm guessing I will wait.  I don't want the race to be the first time I try it out.

I do wish I was off today but I work.  I'm guessing I'll jolt early once the afternoon shift arrives.  While I'm feeling better I'm not great and really don't want to prolong my sickness or spread it on to others.
Then it's off to Jen's folks for the weekend...more Christmas.  I plan on hitting the fluids hard all weekend.

I tend to find the silver lining in most things.  Being sick over the holidays has allowed me to actually lose weight!  However this weekend I'm sure I will eliminate that.  Also this was to be a tricky week of riding and had I been healthy I would have tried to work it in.  That gets stressful on a lot of people.  So through Sunday It's all family all the time.

Stay healthy!

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