Friday, December 05, 2014

Doing the Tuscobia.

I have to laugh.  The day I decide to pull the trigger on the Tuscobia 150 it fills, even though there wasn't a limit.  After I confirmed work would be covered I pursued getting in.  They saved some spots for lolly gaggers like me.  I prefer to think it's because I'm Ben Doom, yeah right!  So I got in!  While I was trying to save time and money there truly is nothing like a race for training, especially of this nature.  So the day I got in, yesterday, I worked till noon.  Did I ride?  Nope...cleaned and did laundry!
We've been so busy with life that the house was taking it's was time.  Besides I really hope to ride a lot this weekend.  Knowing I'm not leaving Jen a house to clean with three girls makes being gone a bit easier...I mean I'm not Matt N.!

Happy Weekend.

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