Thursday, December 04, 2014

I Skied!

Plans to fat bike before work were swapped out for some skiing.  I'm embarrassed to say that I only skied once last year!  In my defense I had a broken hand that hurt while skiing and I was busy finding my bike fitness for the Fat Pursuit race in Idaho.

Slipping the boot on hurt my toe.  I wasn't sure how long I'd last but 2 hours was the goal.  On the first couple laps at the North Loop my toe hurt and my form was all funky.  I switched sides and made some laps on the Orchard Loop...what a difference.  My form, which is still blah, came around and my toe stopped throbbing.  What a difference good snow makes.  All done I did 3 loops at the North Loop, 3 Orchard, and 1 warm up loop in about 2 hours time!  Hell, I'm not even that beat up today!  Glad I went.  Really hoping for snow and not the predicted warm up.

After my short shift today I plan to either ski again or hit the road on my Surly Cross Check for a few.  Jen has conferences so I need to be done around 4.  Attitude and wind will be my deciding forces.

I'm so close to pulling the trigger on the Tuscobia 150.  Just need to figure out some work details, etc.  The race actually filled yesterday so hoping I can still find a spot.  Snooze you lose.


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