Wednesday, December 10, 2014


After 9 hours of riding, with a head cold, Saturday-Sunday and a solid day at the gym on Monday I took yesterday off, completely.  Sometimes I'll say I had a day off but still go to the gym.  I was in full recovery: hot tea, fluids, food, and the couch!  I am feeling pretty much better from the weekend.  Last night a few guys went fat biking and asked me to tag along.  Man I wanted too but knew it was best to lay low for a day.  Plus I have the rest of my week planned out...sort of.

After I get all three kids squared away today I'm jumping of the fat bike to do some exploring before the heat wave.  I should really ski as our trails are still in great condition but the bike is calling!  Really hoping we don't get rain this weekend, fingers crossed.

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