Friday, December 12, 2014

Studded Tires for Everyone.

Wednesday I did get out on the fat bike for a bit over 3 hours.  I attempted a loop I've done frequently in the past: cty road 8 to 16 to Palmer.  At Palmer I jumped on the snowmobile trails.  They were excellent, hard and fast.  At Jack and Jim's the trail usually leaves the parking lot.  There appeared to be some tracks and it was passable so onward I pushed.  Eventually the trail all but disappeared.  Through one field I was force to hike a bike through waist deep brush and weeds.  From there on I stuck to roads.

Yesterday I had Harper for a bit in the morning then was off on the Surly SS Cross Check.  The weather was weird.  I thought It would have been a bit warmer but when I stopped in Maple Lake to refuel my bike and I were covered in a thin sheet of ice.  I made the stop short as to not cool down too much.  I continued south a bit more before turning for home.
A majority of the roads I took were gravel, which were mostly rutted ice.  Super glad I opted to put my studded tire on the front, just wish I would have done the back too.  Having studded tires the past two weeks have been a godsend.  Go get a pair, worth the money.  Both my fat bike and cross bike tires are 3+ years old and running great.

I work today and tomorrow.  Gym this morning and maybe a prework ride tomorrow.  I'm already talking myself out of it.  In the summer getting up early and ready for work and a ride a bit before 6 is no problem, while now that seems like a phenomenal undertaking.  I'm still nursing a head cold so maybe a couple extra hours of sleep will do me good.  TBD.

Happy Weekend.

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