Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Today I Pack.

The bin of winter race gear has been brought up from it's slumber in the basement.  Time to piece it all together and fit it in the bags on my bike.  Then take it all out for transport and gear check in tomorrow.

I purchased a couple new bags from BBD (Big Bag Dude) that I am excited to try out. The first is the sleeping bag harness system.  Attaches great and I have no fears it will slip.  I do have some new handlebars I wanted to use but since being sick I was off the bike and unable to test the change so that will have to wait till next week, (no big bike changes before a race).
I also got some of their Chaff bags.  Stoked on these as they made the diameter a bit bigger for me.  This will allow my hands easy in and out.  I keep trail mix in there, my main food source for winter races.

Packing should take an hour tops.  Then I have to run into work for 10 minutes or so.  Then it's off to the Skatin' Place with the family!

Happy New Year.

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