Thursday, January 15, 2015

Getting My Ride On.

Yesterday the Single Speed Surly Cross Check got the call.  We nabbed 3 hours before work at noon.  Over the past week or so we've received a few less than 1" snow, meaning the plows don't come out.  Riding the shoulder on a "skinny" bike had be working and fish tailing!  The front tire is studded, thank God, thinking the rear will be soon too.  The ride was great but my right knee, after an hour or so, is still acting up.  Hope that goes away soon.

I have off from work today so an all day slog is planned.  Originally I was going to leave from home on the the Cross Check but decided more time on the fat bike on the Wobegon is what I need.  Yep, more mind numbing riding!  I actually don't mind it.  The thought of it sucks but once I'm doing it I enjoy it.  Plans change, especially mine, but thinking St. Joseph to Freeport on the the trail.  Jump off the trail to Holdingford and then back to St. Joseph on the trail.  Giddy Up.

Friday we head to Eagon for a Doom Reunion type event.  Thinking about bringing my bike but then again maybe not.  How the knee holds up today will determine the choice.  Either way it should be a fun weekend.


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