Friday, January 09, 2015


I was able to get out for almost 4.5 hours on the fat bike yesterday.  Drove out to St. Joseph and hit up the Wobegon Trail, as it's really the only place with snow for riding.  I need to get more resistance riding in.  It varied form smooth (snow free) to 3"+...more snow than not.  I almost made it up to Holdingford before turning around to head back to the start.
I'm stoked that the pain in my legs from Tuscobia is gone, they even seem better!  My right knee still acts up a bit.  I still feel this is due to my lack of grinding it out on snow.  Looks like I may have a lot of Wobegon in my future.
I tried a new setup on the bike too.  I took off the Answer 20/20 bars (which I love for my SS but not so much on my Fat Bike) and put on some more traditional risers.  I also swapped out my Dogwood Pogies for some 45 North Cobrafists.  I'm loving the bars but a few more rides are needed to determine how I like the new pogies.

Happy Weekend.

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