Monday, January 19, 2015

Keeping Busy!

This past weekend was somewhat a blur of activity.  Friday evening we headed to Eagan for a Doom Family Reunion.  It was just my dad's brothers and sisters but he's the oldest of 12.  Plus the kids and the kids, kids!  My sanity (craziness) was kept in check by the hotel gym.  The nicest I've seen.  I even ran on the treadmill a bit!  I actually hope to run a small amount once a week to keep those muscles in case they are needed at the ITI, (for walking not running)!  Lots of games, swimming, chatting, eating, and trips to the MOA and Angry Catfish kept us busy on Saturday.
Sunday we checked out my sister's new house.
Then it was on to Trader Joe's to spend way too much money.  Jen and the girls dropped me off near Elk River.  I lugged the Cross Check along.  Almost a 3 hour ride home.  Felt great to be out in the sun.

I had planned to hit the gym up this morning for various things but I suck at getting up early when everyone else is sleeping in.  MLK Day, so no school.  My logic is I haven't had a day off for some time and will likely be my only day off this week.  Ha...nuts I am.

Have a great week.

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