Friday, January 30, 2015

More Rides.

The past two days I've gotten some solid rides in.  Wednesday I was able to sneak out from work and hit the road (on the Surly SS Cross Check) around 3:30.  About the time the sun dipped below the horizon the drizzle started...and never really stopped.  I had a nice veneer of ice on my vest, sleeves, helmet, lights, etc.  Luckily I had a front studded tire.  I was wishing for the rear as well.  Not much standing was allowed.  Got back home after 4.5 hours.

Yesterday I was off from work and once again made the trek out to St. Joseph for another date with the Wobegon Trail, my fat bike, and me.  Because of the drizzle the night before I put studs on my front tire.  Man that is a lot of work!  But worth it.  I knew a lot of the snow would be gone with the most recent warm up but I didn't think as much of it would be as it was.  There were several snowy section that I would find the deepest part and push through that.  It was amazing at how hard that actually was.  In Albany I made the turn to Holdingford.  I thought there would be more snow here due to the tree cover, but I was wrong.  Holdingford, Bowlus, and the Blanchard Dam.  I went a few hundred yards past the dam and had enough.  I turned for home.  Back in Albany I turned towards Freeport for a bit before turning around again.
At the last road crossing before St. Joseph I headed North on the road for some hills and wind (it was blowing hard).  Finished with 7 hours and 80 some miles.  Then new bike (Salsa Beargrease) feels awesome!  I felt pretty good too.  I did get bored and was constantly hungry, either from last nights ride or maybe boredom!

A couple more rides planned yet and the "big" week is done.  I'm happy with how things are going.

Happy Weekend.

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