Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Man I suck at days off from exercise.  I feel sloth like!  I also suck at night riding but that's the name of the game tonight.  Jen has work shops (teacher) so the kids are off from school.  I have to get them to my folks this morning so any morning exercise is out.  So...anyone game for some evening fat biking?  Thinking some Sand Prairie exploration would be fun, 2-3 hours.

Jen also has a early start tomorrow so I'm on kid duty again and again on Thursday.  Miss my mornings!  To make our lives a bit more chaotic Jen and the girls picked up two cats from the Wadena Humane Society yesterday.  Yes, two: Elsa and Lill' Bit are currently their names, this may change.  At least they are fat, I like fat cats.

I still am longing for some more snow.  But as the weeks go by without any I'm beginning to look towards spring.  By the clientele coming into the shop many of them are too.

Go get your Tuesday on!

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