Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Old School Trails.

Through some unexpected turn of events I purchased a new fat bike...Salsa Beargrease XX1.  I sold a bike that I was only half trying to sell.  I actually talked myself out of a new bike, which is hard for me with a pocket full of cash.  But the thought kept popping up in my mind (namely because my brother in-law!).  The deal was sealed when I received some help from Salsa.  So eventually I will have a titanium Mukluk with Hed wheels and Race Face Carbon crank for sale!  Yesterday evening was the maiden voyage...always an exciting time.

Tyler and Corey showed up at my house around 6:30 and we were off.  First up was Sand Prairie.  While it's not huge it provides about 45 minutes of riding.  Tyler took us on to the swamps, which I've never done.  Good stuff.  Then it was back up the hill for some North Loop action.  Only because of the recent warm up can we bike at the North Loop.  It was so fun I wish we could bike there through good snow but understand the conflict with crossing the ski trail.  We only need to build 10 or so bridges that would be tall enough for the groomer to pass!
From here we hit up the 10th street quarries.  Man it's been a long time since I've ridden there and never in the winter.  Despite the occasional downed tree it was awesome.  Always good "flow" out there.  With some time left we decided to combine a few chunks of land.  First was behind the St. Benedict's Center.  Turns out they have posted Keep Out signs so it's off limits so onto the bluff trails of the Talahi woods.  With the snow crust we have the trail was awesome.

It was so fun to hit up trails that rarely get ridden anymore but were once our only options.  By themselves they are short but combined it makes for a great ride.  We got in a tad over 2 hours.

The bike handled perfectly.  New bikes always feel solid and quiet...kind of like that new car smell.  I love it!  Just need to buy more new bikes I guess!  I was super pleased with how it handled and felt.  I'm excited to get some longer days on it to dial in position, etc.  So far it's a big thumbs up!



Christopher Tassava said...

I'll never forget the Ben who told me at the AH, "I just can't trust carbon. It's plastic, you know?" That man disappeared sometime around the time he submitted his ITI application!

Ben said...

I know!!! I lost sleep over this! Beyond carbon and weight, I made the choice for other reasons too...thru axles, etc. But believe me I still feel ti is tops!

cmacheel said...

Glad I could help!