Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Race Excitement from Home.

Monday night I was tired and planned on going to bed early.  I made it up to bed fine but the finish of the Arrowhead 135 was looming and I couldn't stop hitting refresh on the track leaders page, the Arrowhead results page, and FaceBook.  Man what an exciting race!  The top four spots were split up by seconds...a sprint finish after 15 hours of riding!  If sleep wasn't required I'd have stayed up all night checking in on several friends I had out racing, pushing themselves to the finish.  Not racing it this year I was surprised at how exciting it is to be on the other side.  Nonetheless I hope to be back racing it next year.

Monday and Tuesday were gym days.  Some aerobic, weights, and core each day.  The rest of the week, for the most part, involves riding...lots!  While the warmer weather makes it easier to get out it's melted most or our snow.  I'm guessing the Wobegon Trail (my go to spot as of late) is almost snow free.  There are a lot of shaded sections, especially on the Northern route, that should still have snow.  Just a few inches is all I want!  Let it snow!  Monday around 2 pm our time I looked at the current temp of McGrath, Ak, the ITI 350 finish.  We were mid 40's.  They were -43!  Hard to train for the cold in a 80 degree swing!


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