Friday, January 23, 2015

Rides...Here and There.

While I wasn't able to get out and get that "big" ride in this week I was able to get out several times with more to come...I hope!  Wednesday I usually hit the road but with a new Beargrease I pretty much mimicked Tuesday's ride.  I did spend some more time down at Sand Prairie.  I went off trail some and did a bit of exploring but the going was rough and what path there was was quickly shut out by overgrowth.  Once again I'm really happy with the Salsa Beargrease.  I can't wait to put a longer ride on to test everything out.

Thursday I was on till noon at work so my all day bender on the Wobegon was out.  I know I could have still gone out and put in the time but juggling 3 kids on your own at night can be taxing, which Jen had already done the past two nights.  So I took out the single speed Cross Check and hit up parts of the Dirt Bag route.  I was excited to ride in the sun but by the time I was changed and out the door the sun had disappeared to only return at my rides end.  Nonetheless I had a great ride.  Even ran into a CX buddy driving semi.  Ended with 4 hours.

I'm off Saturday but am with the kids as Jen has a Knowledge Bowl meet.  I hope to get an evening/night ride in.  Followed up with a morning ride on Sunday before work.  But plans change!

Happy Weekend.  Pull out the bike, it may hit 40 degrees!

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