Friday, January 16, 2015


Yesterday's ride was a success!  My knee, since the Tuscobia, has been hurting on longer rides.  I put on some KT tape and that all but took the pain away!  I did have some near the end but better than just 2 hours in.  I also stuck with my planned route.  I knew it may get boring but I felt I needed to push through the boredom.  I started in St. Joseph on the Wobegon Trail.  I took that to somewhere between Freeport and Melrose.  Here I jumped on a road and headed to Holdingford.  I was making better time than anticipated so once in Holdingford I headed North to Bowlus for awhile before turning around and heading back down to Albany.

In Avon I checked my time and decided I had more so I jumped on Lower Spunk Lake and explored the perimeter.  Nearing St. Joseph I wasn't quite at 7 hours so I took a side path to the Park-n-Ride.  All done I got my 7 hours in.  Overall I felt pretty good.  I could have gone more had my time frame allowed.  That's huge for me!

While the Wobegon can be boring it's perfect for my training.  For most of the trail there is 3"+ of non packed snow.  Awesome for resistance training.  Some hills or turns would be nice however!  I'm guessing I'll be back!

This weekend we are off the the cities for a Doom Get Together.  The hotel has a pool so I have a feeling I know where I'll be!  CANNONBALL!

Happy Weekend.

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