Monday, January 26, 2015


Not a bad weekend: family, ride, work.
Jen had a Knowledge Bowl meet so it was the 3 girls and me on Saturday.  Many things could have happened but we did lots of laundry and hung out.  Before we knew it Jen was home.  Wow, that was a fast day.  I also made a new playlist for the ITI and organized some of my food for the drop bags.  Time is ticking away!

Sunday I worked so I was up early (4:30) to get myself ready to ride.  Once again I drove out to St. Joseph to ride the Wobegon Trail.  I was really hoping we would have gotten some of the predicted snow but instead we got some rain.  I almost just rolled over in bed as I don't have studs in my tires yet.  With the recent warm up lots of the trails was exposed tar but a lot still had good snow cover.  While it was slick it wasn't to bad.  I made it a bit past Holdingford before I turned around for home.  Starting in the dark made it a different trail, thus the ride back (in the light) was a different trail then the way out.  It wasn't bad.  I forced myself to ride in the slowest snow to give me the most resistance.  In the end I got just under 5 hours in.  With time to still get a coffee and ready the shop for the day.
I was pretty good all day until after dinner at my folks.  I was shot and done around 7:30!

The starts have aligned that I should be able to get a pretty big week in on the the fat bike.  Really loving the Beargrease.  A few adjustment to make and it should be ready for the ITI!

Happy Week.

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