Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Great Week of Riding.

This past Saturday was my last longer ride of the week.  I was suppose to be home with the kids but Jen's folks came up to hang out with them, thanks!  Wanting some snow to ride on I drove up hwy 10 to the Soo Line (ATV Trail) parking lot.  Not a 1/4 mile in I started to hit snow!  At the deepest it was 4", but nonetheless provided a lot of drag.  I was actually surprised at how hard it was to ride through the snow.  From the constant warm up and cool downs it was all crusty, crunchy snow.  But snow!  It the open areas the snow was gone but considering what the surrounding area looks like I was happy to find any.  I took the trail a tad bit past Hillman before turning around.  The snow just before Hillman was the deepest and slowest.  Instant sweat fest.  I did take a few gravel road off shoots to add some more time.  I ended with 7 hours.

Sunday I tried to sleep in but was up at 6:30.  Sat around drank coffee, hung out with the kids, made french toast, and eventually got out for a 1.5 hour cruise.  FYI the North Loop is an ice field.  Be careful!

Overall last week was great.  I got a lot of riding in (Sunday-Sunday 25+ hours) and the body responded well.  I am super stoked on the Salsa Beargrease and how it fits and treats me.  I'm getting real close to being as ready as I can be for the ITI.  Count down is on!

This week with scheduling and life my riding will be down.  But that will allow me to recover and move on.  Lots of gym days!


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