Friday, February 13, 2015

ITI Rider List.

Here's the list of 2015 ITI participants.    A tad over two weeks till race day!  The course is providing many challenges this year.  With little to no snow in spots the dog sled race has been moved for only it's 2nd time in race history.  They will start in Fairbanks.  My race is scheduled to do the original route yet.  Stories of open water, rough terrain, too much snow, and glare ice are all surfacing.  Should make for an awesome adventure!

Short on time yesterday I did a few laps at the North Loop.  Wow...was that fun.  The trail is riding great right now.  The whole time I kept thinking of summer and mountain biking.  I think I'm ready!  One little race to get out of the way first.

This weekend the family and I are headed to WI in search of snow.  My last push before the race.

Happy Weekend.

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