Friday, February 06, 2015


Man I have a problem.  If I have the opportunity to ride all day and I don't grasp it...I feel guilty.  Yesterday Jen's mom was up to watch Harper and the other kids when they got off from school.  This would have been a perfect time to ride until sunset or whatever, but I rode 5 hours.  5 hours is a lot but I found myself wondering if I should have pedaled straight at my turn and pushed on just a bit more.  Ha...weirdo!

The ride itself was good.  I kind of like stacking a Wednesday night ride with a Thursday morning ride.  The legs adjusted quickly but my appetite was strong all day and night.  Super hungry.  The south wind was much stronger than I anticipated.  Heading out I was slogging along.  I ended up doing parts of the Dirt Bag route on my fat bike, Salsa Beargrease.  This was the first time I've really ridden that bike on the road and all the elements that provides.  In the morning it was fine as it was still quite cold.  But as I made my way back through town on my way home the poor bike got slaughtered.  I'm guessing it was only 2 miles of city roads (the rest was trail, etc) but that was enough the coat the bike in slop and salt.  I freaked!  Yep, like I said...weirdo.  So to the basement to thaw out and a good cleaning.  Man I wish we had lots more snow and cooler temps!  Well for a few more weeks anyway then bring on Spring!

Saturday I'm with the kids all day as Jen has a Knowledge Bowl meet.  I like these days.  They tend to be pretty chill.  All I have on tap is to finalize my ITI drop bags and get them mailed.

Happy Weekend.

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GSoroos said...

I think a lot of us have that problem. Both with not riding when we have the opportunity, and with slop. I usually medicate with beer. That seems to help.