Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Time...Never Enough!

Missed yesterday and running behind today...such is life.
Quickly...I had a great weekend.  Couple great rides (both on the Cross Check single-speed), an awesome work party (such a great group of people), shipped my drop bags off to Alaska (getting closer!), and had some great family time.
It seemed I wasn't going to get much riding in but managed a bit over 17 hours plus gym time.  I'll take it.  The past month I've punished my legs.  That is starting to ease up now as the start of the ITI creeps closer.

Snow is predicted today!  While it will look great I'm not so sure I want it anymore.  I'm sure once it's hear I'll be jacked and stoked to get out and play in it.  Just the inevitable sloppy roads I don't look forward to.

Time to go crack the whip and get the kids moving.


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