Friday, March 27, 2015

First Skinny Tire Century.

It was a good day!  After getting the kids to school and daycare I was out the door pedaling by 8:30.  Despite being chilly (never got about 32 on my ride) and windy I was stoked to be out.  The further north I went the windier it got.  I meandered East and North later switching to West and North.  I took mostly gravel roads North of Little Falls.  Finally making the turn to head with the wind was awesome.  The reward for 3.5 hours of headwind!  I took as many gravel roads as I could but seemed to find more paved roads.  Had to get the avg back up!!  I did get my first flat of the year.  Was back on the bike within a few minutes.  Even though I always carry two tubes and a patch kit I get nervous when I'm down to only one...but it was fine.
Made it home in 6.5 hours and 105 miles.  Overall I felt pretty good.  The legs were/are a bit stiff and sore.  The previous day at the gym I worked the legs some.  Leg day at the gym followed by 100 windy miles leaves the legs a bit tired.  If I worked at noon today I'd love to get out and spin but that's not the case.  Looks like the elliptical and stretching this morning!

Happy Weekend.

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