Monday, April 06, 2015

Pre Candy Binge Ride.

Getting out of bed at 4 is never easy but once out the door and on the bike I am usually glad I did.  Friday was no different.  Ended up having an awesome ride with almost 3 hours in before 8.  This however set up for a tired Sunday.
Saturday the whole family was up normal school day times to start cooking pulled pork, cherry pie, and deviled eggs.  Each year Jen's side of the family does a Sweet Sixteen event.  We prepare a dish that represents our team.  Saturday was the day we all got together to watch some college BB and eat our food...always a good time.  This year it was in Maple Grove.  I opted to bike there.

I had a rough idea of my route before I set off but mostly planned to just wing it.  St. Cloud, Clearwater, Maple Lake, Howard Lake, Winsted, Lester Prairie, New Germany.  Shortly after New Germany I ran into the Dakota Line Trail.  I jumped on this for a good haul.  It was a pretty fun and scenic trail.  However once it got closer to the Cities the trail got more congested reminding me why I don't like trails.  I knew the Luce Line Trail (not paved) was just North of this trail so at 146 I pulled off and headed North.  I found the trail and made for Plymouth.  Once at Plymouth I headed North on Vicksburg Lane (not a fun biking road).  This essentially brought me to my destination.  102 miles, 5 hours 24 minutes.

Sunday we did Easter at Jen's folks and later that evening a dinner at my folks.  Once home around 7:45 we were shot.  I think everyone was in bed by 8:45.

The kids are off from school but Jen has teacher workshops.  I'm letting the kids sleep till I bring them to my folks.  Hoping to hit the rollers some tonight.  A fun Minnesota Spring is on tap this week!


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