Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Chaos Calmed by Riding.

I wasn't too sure I'd get out for a ride yesterday or not.  It was my short day at work, my day off for the week, but work has been busy and I always feel guilty about leaving.  But things calmed and I was able to leave just before 1:00.  Once home I wolfed down some food and was out the door by 1:30.  Despite the overcast skies it was warm and, most important, the wind was low!
I planned on just doing my county road 8 loop, about 30 miles, but it was too nice and I had some time so I extended it through Annanondale and back through the Narrows.  Ended with 3 hours and 55 miles.  After dinner the family and I just hung out in the back yard.  Amazing how nice it is without a 15 mph+ wind!  Awesome evening.

Up early today to sneak a ride in before 7:30, hope to get out shortly after 5.  Then it's off to work to catch up on repairs.

Happy Weekend.

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